Hung-Tat Leung

Dr. Hung-tat Leung is an associate professor of biology. He earned his Ph.D. in neurobiology from the University of Southern California and conducted research as a postdoctoral fellow and scientist at Purdue University for 12 years. He has published 23 peer-reviewed articles. He combines genetic and electrophysiological techniques to investigate Drosophila photoreceptors and synaptic transmission. He also makes double mutants to study interactions among genes.

About Perspectives

PERSPECTIVES aims at bringing the exciting world of science to a larger audience who may not have the requisite knowledge to understand complex and technical research findings as those published in conventional journal articles.

Perspectives articles are very simplified and summarized version of scientific researches. These articles tell a simple story about the research, the findings and their applications in such a manner that the article is understood by people who do not have the requisite background knowledge on the subject.